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Mimaki_UJV100-160Mimaki UJV100-160

The UJV100-160 uses advanced Mimaki technology to deliver high image quality, ease of operation and impressive productivity.

UJF 3042MkII EX mediumMimaki JFX200-2513 EX

The "JFX200-2513 EX" is a successor to the "JFX200-2513" and is a large format flatbed UV inkjet printer that combines high-value-added printing and high productivity while being an entry model.

JV150 iconMimaki SWJ-320EA

A successor to the legendary SWJ-320S4, the Mimaki SWJ-320EA is a revolutionary 3.2 metre-wide solvent printer complete with new generation high-speed print heads arranged in stagger mode, making it possible to print large format images.

JV150 iconMimaki CJV150 Series

CJV150 Series integrated printer/cutter provides high performance, creativity and versatility with vibrant ink types, including new Silver, Orange and Light Black, in a cost effective package for signmakers, graphics professionals and printshops.

JV150 iconMimaki CJV300 Plus

With the latest Mimaki Advanced Pass System (MAPS4), the new CJV300-160 Plus produces even higher quality at a faster printing speed. This high-performance inkjet print & cut printer comes equipped with eco-solvent ink, offering both ecological and economical benefits.

JV150 iconMimaki JV300 Plus

With the latest Mimaki Advanced Pass System (MAPS4), the new JV300-160plus produces even higher quality at a faster printing speed. The enhanced work efficiency combined with eco-solvent inks, offers both ecological and economical benefits.

mimaki ucvjMimaki UCJV Series

The UCJV Series is a versatile inkjet printer family, having a combined function of both printing and cutting mounted with UV-curable ink.

mockup medium ujv55 320Mimaki UJV55-320

The all new Mimaki UJV55-320 grand format LED UV inkjet printer delivers a unique combination of high quality super wide output for volume production of banners, retail, exhibition and window graphics.

UJF-3042FX iconMimaki UJF-3042FX

The new Miamki UJF-3042FX builds on the success of the previous model. The proposition is simple - and compelling. Print on virtually anything up to 50m thick in full colour, plus white and clear varnish - all in an industrial desktop chassis.

UJF 3042MKII iconMimaki UJF-3042MkII

Mimaki’s latest UJF-3042 MkII and UJF-6042 MkII flatbed LED UV printers bring increased productivity and ease of use to on-demand, direct to object printing. Available in A3 or A2 format.

UJF 3042MkII EX mediumUJF-3042MkII EX

Just one print setting can complete four steps of high-added value creation with primer application to clear surface treatment !

UJF 6042MKII iconMimaki UJF-6042 MkII

Mimaki’s latest UJF-3042 MkII and UJF-6042 MkII flatbed LED UV printers bring increased productivity and ease of use to on-demand, direct to object printing. Available in A3 or A2 format.

UJVF 7151Mimaki UJF-7151 Plus

Capitalising on its peerless heritage in compact UV LED direct-to-object print technology, the UJF-7151plus reaffirms Mimaki’s market dominance in this rapidly developing sector.

ujf 6042 mediumDigi-Foil

By skilfully blending traditional craft techniques with state-of-the-art technology, Digi-Foil has developed the perfect way of enhancing the productivity and profitability of your Mimaki UJF-3042HG or UJF-6042 Series UV printer.

kebab mediumMimaki Kebab

The new Mimaki Kebab is an optional attachment that fits onto the UJF-3042 HG and UJF-6042 flatbed UV printers. This attachment allows you to print onto cylindrical oblects.

JFX200 bordericonMimaki JFX200 2513

The latest addition to Mimaki’s family of UV LED flatbed printers, the JFX200-2513 delivers unparalleled results to expand the potential for professional sign and graphics companies.

JFX200 2531 smMimaki JFX200-2531

The new JFX200-2531 is a large flatbed UV-curable inkjet printer that has twice the printing area as compared with the entry model, JFX200-2513, while retaining its printer engine.

JFX Plus iconMimaki JFX500 2131

The new JFX500-2131 from Mimaki smashes all established records for a grand format flatbed UV LED printer, with speeds of up to 60sqm/h, delivering unbelievably high quality, right down to 2 point text on a massive 2100 x 3100 mm print area.

CGSRII iconMimaki CG-SRII Series Cutters

If you need something a little bigger, the CG-SRII is Mimaki's new range of high value cutter. Available in 1000mm or 1370mm, the CG-SRII series comes with a stand and optical registraion system as standard.

CGFX-II iconMimaki CG-FXII Series Cutters

The CG-FXII series is the latest version of Mimaki's top of the range cutting system, and is built for high levels of production and reliability. The CG-FXII also comes with a dual cutting strip system for easily switching between contour and die cutting. 

CFL 605RT mediumMimaki CFL-605RT

The CFL-605RT supports material sizes up to A2 extra and has a variety of functions including eccentric, tangential, and reciprocating cuttings and creasing. CFL-605RT Rapidly bringing ideas into shape

cf2 mediumMimaki CF2 Series Cutters

The CF2 Series flat bed cutting plotter capable of cutting various kinds of media with high accuracy without dies. Out of a total of 30 kinds of line-up, you can choose the one best suited for your needs.

mimaki cf22 smallMimaki CF22

Print & Cut, the optimal cooperated performance More simple, more accurate. CF22  is suitable to cut 4x8 material (1,220 x 2,440mm / 4x8ft) of popular size of signboard production for the combination use with JFX200-2513, Mimaki UV flatbed inkjet printer.