Mimaki CG-FXII Series

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The Professional Choice

The Mimaki CG-FXII series is the top of the line. Featuring top of the line build quality, plus super accurate cutting, the CG-FXII is the ideal machine for those with high production needs. The machine is available in three sizes: 750mm, 1300mm and 1600mm.

Built For Production - And It Shows

The CG-FXII series is engineered for heavy duty use, and is a robust and reliable machine that will give many years serling service. It is fitted with both USB and RS-232C serial connections for the most flexible connectivity options.

Sheet Off Cuttersheetcutter

The CG-FXII series is equipped with an automated sheet off cutter. You can set the machine to sheet off with either a single or two or three step cut.



contourcut'Half Cut" Feature

Both the CG-100 SRII and the CG-130 SRII have the facility to die cut thorough the media. The knife cuts all the way through the media, but at a set distance, it will leave a small tab which holds the item in place on the sheet. It can then be simply popped out of the sheet.


How 'Half-Cut' Works

halfcut diagram

Optical Registration

sensorThe CG-SRII series is fitted with an optical re-alignment system, which allows you to cut out prints that have been produced using Mimaki's registration mark system. The machine is fitted with an optical sensor that is built in to the cutting head. This scans for the registration marks, and after automatically compensating for any stretch or skew, will accurately cut the graphics.


FineCut Software

The CG-SRII series cutters supplied with Mimaki's renown FineCut software. This is a software plugin the is installed into either Adobe Illustrator (both Mac & PC) or CorelDRAW!. This sophisticated software plug-in turns your Illustrator or CorelDRAW! software into a cutting powerhouse. The software will automatically put on any necessary registration marks, tile, nest and output to the cutter. 


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    The following items are supplied with the CG-FXII Series:

    • JCG-FXII Series Cutter
    • 1 x Vinyl Blade
    • 1 x Pen Adapter
    • 1 x Blade Holder
    • Mimak Finecut 8 Plug-in for Illustrator (Mac & PC) & CorelDRAW (PC)
    • Operation & Maintenance Guides
    • Two year onsite manufacturers parts and labour warranty

    Optional Items

    • Extended Warranty/Service Contract
    • Catch Basket
  • Manufacturers Specifcations for the CG-FXII Series Cutters.

    Acceptable Sheet Width
    90mm~1,040mm (3.54"~40.9")
    90mm~1,580mm (3.54"~62.0")
    90mm~1,880mm (3.54"~74.0")
    Acceptable Roll Sheet
    Outer less than 200mm, Roll Weight leass than 18kg
    Outer less than 200mm Roll Weight leass than 22kg
    Effective Cutting Area *1
    760mm x 51m
    (29.9" x 167")
    1300mm x 51m
    (51.2" x 167")
    1600mm x 51m
    (62.9" x 167")
    Maximum Auto Cutting Width *2
    870mm (34.2")
    1425mm (56.1")
    1720mm (67.7")
    Maximum Cutting Speed
    100 cm/s (39.3 "/s) 
    Maximum Moving Speed
    140 cm/s (55 "/s) 
    Adjustable Speed Range *3
    1-10 cm/s : 1cm step adjustment (0.39" - 3.94"/s : 0.39" step adjustment)
    10-50 cm/s : 5cm step adjustment (3.94" - 19.68"/s : 2" step adjustment)
    50-100 cm/s : 10cm step adjustment (19.68" - 39.37"/s : 3.94" step adjustment)
    Mechanical Resolution
    5 micrometers (0.0002")
    Command Resolution
    25 or 10 micrometers (0.001" or 0.0004") - MGL-IIc 
    + or - 0.2mm (Excludes shrinkage/expansion caused by the film temperature
    Pen Pressure
    Range of Pen Pressure Cutter
    10~20g(2g step), 20~100g(5g step), 100~400g(10g step) 
    10~20g(2g step), 20~100g(5g step), 100~400g(10g step) 
    10~20g(2g step), 20~100g(5g step), 100~400g(10g step) 
    Acceptable Sheet *4
    Vinyl up to 0.15mm (0.006")thickness, Fluorescent type vinyl,
    Reflective Sheet
    Sheet for Pouncing *5
    Paper thickness: 0.06~0.13mm (0.0024"~0.005")
    Applicable Tools
    Cutter, Water based ball-point pen, Oil based ball-point pen, Pouncing tool 
    RS-232C, USB
    Receive Buffer Size
    30MB Standard (20MB When Sorting)
    Operational Temperature
    5~35 c (41~95 f)
    35~75%(Rh) Non-condensation 
    Power Requirement
    Power Consumption
    130VA or less
    Dimensions (WxDzH)
    1285mm (50.5") x 700mm (27.5") x 1217mm (47.9")
    1825mm (50.5") x 700mm (27.5") x 1217mm (47.9")
    2125mm (50.5") x 700mm (27.5") x 1217mm (47.9")
    Weight (with stand)
    50kg (110 lbs)
    60kg (132 lbs)
    69kg (152 lbs)
    • *1 Maximum sheet feeding length differs depending on the software
    • *2 Sheet width to cut off from the roll
    • *3 Restricted sheet width
    • *4 Provided that the blade specific to fluorescent vinyl  (SPB-0007) and the blade specific th reflective sheet (SPB-0006) are used
    • *5 Pouncing Tool intended specifically for pouncing shall be used.


  • ItemCG-75FX-IICG130FX-IICG160FX-II
    Cutter Holder
    Blade for sheet cutter
    Pouncing set
    OPT-C0095 (Holder x 1, needle x 2)
    Pen-line rubber
    Pen-line sponge
    Roll set
    Sheet basket
    Stnadard blade for vinyl
    For reflective sheet
    For fluorescent sheet
    For vinyl sheet and paper
    For small characters