Mimaki CFL-605RT


CFL-605RT Rapidly bringing ideas into shape

The CFL-605RT supports material sizes up to 660mm x 555mm extra and has a variety of functions including eccentric, tangential, and reciprocating cutting and creasing.

The use of digital on-demand UV inkjet printing has increased for creating original customized goods in response to an increase in high-mix low-volume demands in the market. The new CFL-605RT is designed with Mimaki’s well-established technology, and supports on-demand production by multiple functions, including cutting and creasing. The CFL-605RT delivers efficient sample and package production. Furthermore, Mimaki offers the original goods package system (OGPS) as a total solution for on-demand customized goods production. OGPS consists of packaging design software ArtiosCAD Designer Solution and LED UV inkjet printer UJF-6042 and CFL-605RT, and achieves the handling of an entire production process, including printing, package design, and fabrication.

Key technical features

 cfl 605 cut

cfl 605 tangential

cfl 605 reciprocating

cfl 605 vacuum

CFL-605RT delivers

  • The multifunction plotter strongly supports digital on-demand production
  • ArtiosCAD Designer Solution and UJF-6042 broaden the range of on-demand package production
  • Half-Cut; by adjusting the depth of cutter blade, you can for instance Half-Cut composite, laminated material
  • Air suction unit to hold down the media
  • Ideal print and cut solution with Sign graphics and Industrial printers

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  •   CFL-605RT
    Driving method X/Y/Z/θ 4 axes: DC servo motor
    Material holding method Air vacuum unit
    Maximum media 630mm x 530mm
    Cutting area 610mm x 510mm
    Maximum cutting speed XY: 423 mm/s (45° angle direction) Z: 30mm/s
    Maximum downforce pressure Eccentric cutter: 1,000g / Tangential cutter and creasing roller 1,500g
    Maximum media thickness Reciprocating cutter: 10mm / Tangential cutter: 2mm
    Maximum media weight 20kg (this is not one-point-load strength)
    Static accuracy Repeatability 0.2mm or lower (material shrinkage is ignored)
    Distance accuracy Moving distance x ±0.2% or lower or ±0.1mm or lower. Larger value is applied
    Original repetition accuracy 0.1mm or lower
    A unit Attachable tools: Eccentric cutter, pen
    B unit Attachable tools: Reciprocating / Tangential cutter, Creasing roller
    Command MGL-ll c3
    Interface USB2.0, RS-232C, Ethernet
    Power specifi cation Single phase AC100-120V / 200-240V, 50/60Hz
    Noise level 70db or lower
    (The maximum level is generated while the reciprocating cutter
    or a vacuum blower is used)
    Power consumption 500W
    Dimensions (W x D x H) 1,320mm x 1,045mm x 1,100mm
    Weight 109kg or lower (Blower: 20kg, included)
    Warranty period 1 year
    Certifications VCCI class A, CE marking (Machinery directive, RoHS directive),
    CB, UL 60950-1, REACH, FCC class A
  • Product number Product name

    Qty per package

    Compatible product model

    SPA-0183 Pen holder for Mitsubishi 1 CG/CF Series

    One refill is included

    Compatible refill:


    SPC-0726 Refi ll for Mitsubishi ballpoint pen 10 CG/CF Series Compatible holder: SPA-0183
    SPB-0086 Super hard edge 2° x 10mm 5 CFL

    One blade is included

    as a standard accessory

    SPA-0260 Cutter holder 07L 1 CFL Standard accessory
    SPB-0043 High speed steel blade 30° 200 CF Series Standard accessory
    SPB-0045 Carbide blade 30° 3 CF Series  
    SPA-0261 Tangential Cutter holder 2N ɑ 1 CFL Standard accessory
    SPA-0259 Eccentric cutter holder C 1 CFL Standard accessory
    SPB-0085 Eccentric cutter blade C 3 All cutting plotter models

    One blade is included

    as a standard accessory.

    Compatible holder: SPA-0001 / SPA-0090 / SPA-0259

    SPC-0785 Felt mat 605 1 CFL Standard accessory
    SPC-0786 Cutting mat 605 1 CFL Standard accessory
    SPC-0787 Absorption sheet 1 CFL 100m / roll
    SPA-0262 Creasing holder L 1 CFL Standard accessory
    SPB-0087 Creasing roller φ9 1 CFL Standard accessory
    SPB-0030 Swivel blade for PVC with low pressure 3 All cutting plotter models  
    SPB-0006 Swivel blade for refl ective sheet 2 All cutting plotter models  
    SPB-0007 Swivel blade for fl uorescent sheet 3 All cutting plotter models  
    SPB-0001 Swivel blade for PVC sheet 3 All cutting plotter models  
    SPB-0003 Swivel blade for small letters 3 All cutting plotter models  
    SPA-0001 Cutter holder 1 All cutting plotter models  
    SPA-0090 Cutter holder 1 All cutting plotter models Standard accessory
    OPT-S1005 Blade tip adjuster 1 All cutting plotter models Loupe
    OPT-C0066 Blade tip adjuster 1 All cutting plotter models Dial type
    SPA-0163 Grease 1 All cutting plotter models Standard accessory