UCJV300 front SPRING

Mimaki Offers

  • Mimaki JFX200-2513 - £8,000 Discount, Free Ink & Free Ioniser Bar + 12 Months Warranty*
  • Mimaki JFX200-2513 EX - Free Ioniser & Free Ink Pack + 2 Year Warranty*
  • Mimaki JFX500-2131 - £10,000 Discount + 12 Months Warranty*
  • Mimaki UJF MKII Series - Receive Discount of up to £8,790*
  • Mimaki UJF7151+ - Receive £10,000 Discount*
  • Mimaki UJF3042FX - Receive £2,000 Discount*
  • Mimaki UCJV300-160 - Receive £4,000 Trade In Offer + Free UK Delivery & Build*
  • Mimaki UJV55-320 - Receive £11,000 Discount + Free 2 Year Gold Warranty*
  • Mimaki JV300-160Plus - 3rd Year Warranty Included + Free Apple Watch SE*
  • Mimaki CJV300-160Plus - 2 Offers:
    1. CJV300-160 + LA-160 Laminator for £19,995.00 + Free Apple Watch SE*
    2. £4,000 Discount + Free Apple Watch SE*
  • Mimaki CJV150-130 - £3,000 Discount + Free Apple Watch SE*
  • Mimaki CJV150-160 - £3,000 Discount + Free Apple Watch SE*
  • Mimaki SWJ-320EA - Free 2nd Year Gold Warranty worth £4,995.00*

*Terms & Conditions apply: Orders must be received before 12:00 Noon Monday 21st June 2021. All orders must be shipped before Friday 30th July 2021. Usual warranty and T&Cs apply. Offers may be withdrawn at any time, E&OE.

Wide Format Digital Printing

Welcome to i-Sub Digital. On our site you will find details of the best large and grand format digital production systems on the market. We specialize in the consultancy, supply and support of large format display equipment, with over 40 years combined experience in the industry, we can assist you in selecting the right equipment for your business...

Mimaki UJV55-320

Mimaki UJV55 320 1

High-performance grand format LED UV inkjet printer The all new Mimaki UJV55-320 grand format LED UV inkjet printer delivers a unique combination of high quality super wide output for volume production of banners, retail, exhibition and window graphics and other similar applications up to 3.2m wide, with the added versatility of twin-roll simultaneous printing. ...