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The Ultimate Production Workflow

Onyx Production House X10 is the top of the range software RIP fom Onyx. It features four active printer drivers and two RIP cores for the ultimate in productivity. In addition to the powerful toolset availble in Postershop X10, Production House also gives you the following addition modules:

  • Flatbed Cutting - Utitlise your flatbed cutter to output contour cut rigid printed output quickly and easily
  • White and Spot Ink Tools - For fast job preparation and media profiling
  • Profile Generator - Create you own cutom profiles (colour measurement device required)
  • Step & Repeater - To quickly create seemles patterns & texture for textile, carpet and wallpaper applications

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Flatbed Cutting

cut serverProduction House X10 allows you to drive the widest possible range of flatbed cutters/routers, and supports all the major optical re-registraion systems. In addition, you can create your own automated and semi-automated workflows, and even build your own custom registration systems. This makes Onyx Production House the natural choice for your digital print to flatbed cutting system.

White Ink Tool

Digitally printing with white ink can dramatically increase the range of products you can supply. The newer generations of solvent and UV printers and now offering white ink, and Onyx X10 Production House offers you the tools to make the creation of white ink files quick and simple. Whether you are printing a primer layer on a coloured or clear substrate, or using white ink for highlight effects, Onyx Production House X10 allows you to control exactly how the ink is employed to get the results you need.

Profile Generator

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The Profile Generator module on Onyx Production House X10 puts you firmly in control of your colour and your costs. It is one of the easiest and most automated colour profiling systems available. The Profile Generator is integrated to the RIP enigne, which gives the best colour consistency across prints and printers. The Profile Generator Module uses Onyx's proprietary PowerChrome beck generation technology which gives the widest possible gamut and better ink control.

Step & Repeater Module

The Step and Repeater Module comes as standard with Onyx X10 Production House. This module is essential in the production of textile and carpet patterns and for the new trend in wallpaper printing. This modules allows you to control exactly how your designs and patterns are seemleddly repeated over the area of the print job. Yet again, Onyx X10 makes an awkward fiddly job job as simple a pressiing a few keys.


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    • productionhouse boxInstallation DVD
    • Set of profile DVD's
    • Programmable Hardware Key
    • Electronic Documentation (PDF)
    • Registration Card 
  • Operating System:
    • Windows XP Pro 32-bit and 64-bit with the latest service packs, or
    • Windows Vista Business/Enterprise 32-bit and 64-bit with the latest service packs, or
    • Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate 32-bit and 64-bit with the latest service packs
    • Intel Pentium IV ? Xeon 3+ Ghz, Athlon 64 / Opteron 2+ Ghz
    • 50 Gb of hard drive space (SATA recommended)
    • 2 Gb RAM per CPU (especially important for Production House)
    • 1280 x 1024 16-bit colour video display
    • USB Port for Security Key (dedicated)
    • DVD-ROM drive