Onyx Supported Colour Devices


Color Devices Supported

Barbieri Spectro LFP RT Barbieri SpectroSwing
Color Savvy CM2C Density Text File
Eye One Eye One IO Table
Eye One iSis Eye One iSis XL
Eye One Strip Eye One Strip 6.5 Density
Focus 24 Focus 24S
GRETAG Spectrolino GRETAG Spectrolino Large Patch
GRETAG SpectroScan GRETAG SpectroScan Large Patch
HP Designjet Z-Series iCColor
Ihara CS500 Lab Text File
Macbeth DR-1200 Series Spectral Text File
SpectroCam SpectroCam Strip
SpectroFiler from File SpectroFiler Spectra from File
X-Rite 508 X-Rite 518
X-Rite 528 X-Rite 530
X-Rite 918 X-Rite 938
X-Rite 939 X-Rite 948
X-Rite 968 X-Rite DTP41
X-Rite DTP41 Large Patch X-Rite DTP41 Wide Strip
X-Rite DTP45 X-Rite DTP45 Large Patch
X-Rite DTP45 Wide Strip X-Rite DTP70
X-Rite Pulse (DTP20) X-Rite Pulse (DTP20) Strip
X-Rite SP62 X-Rite SP62 Large Patch
X-Rite SP64 X-Rite SP64 Large Patch
X-Rite SP68


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