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The Ultimate Thermal Printer

ribbonload smallThe Summa DC4 and DC4sx are the easy and affordable way to get into digital printing. Its no-mess, maintenance-free design and built-in contour cutting combine for outstanding ease-of-use. More than just compact and affordable, Summa DC4sx is every bit a Summa DC4-class printer-cutter. Its print-performance comes from the advanced DC4 print-head technology built-in to both the DC4 and the DC4sx

Tracking accuracy is also spot-on, thanks to the unique OptiTrac optical laser tacking system. And cutting is so fast and accurate that it could only be a Summa. The Summa DC4 series is also a most versatile printer. It prints and cuts a wide variety of media in ultra-popular and cost-efficient 24 and 30 inch widths. Plus, with the automatic tiling feature in our Color Control RIP + Cut software, you can produce images of virtually unlimited size. So your shop will have the flexibility to market everything from tiny labels to huge fleet graphics.


Why Go Thermal ?

takeup iconThermal printers punch their colour out of a resin ribbon with heat onto the media (normally vinyl). They are suitable for using a wide range of different coloured ribbons over and above the normal process colours. They can layer colours in whatever order you want and even print double sided images on clear media. Printed output is instantly dry and ready to use. However, they are especially popular for vehicle and motobike graphic applications, due to their ability to print tro mirror silver, gold, red and blue. This is a true mirror finish print - not the pale imitation offered by solvent printers.

In addition, the Summa DC4 series can also print one way vision applications onto standard clear vinyl, using any pattern you want. You can then apply this to the inside of glass, giving you long term one way graphics. If you produce a lot of one way vision, you need to see the DC4 series in action.

Wide Choice of Ribbons

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The Summa DC4 has a wide range of ribbons available, including mirror gold, silver, red & black; white, matt gold and silver; and a special protective ribon called ScratchGuard, which acts as a protetive barrier and thereby increases the exterior life of the print. Click on the thumbnail to the right to see the full range of colours available.


Summa DC4 vs DC4sx

opticlean iconThe DC4sx is Summa's entry level thermal print and cut machine. It has a 670mm & 760mm media width and can hold 5 different coloured ribbons which it can change automatically.

The bigger brother of the DC4sx, the DC4 can handle 3 media seizes: 670mm, 760mm and 1377mm.The machine can also take 8 different coloured ribbons at a time for extra flexibility. Items such as internal hard drive, media basket, take-up roll system and the Summa Colour Control RIP, which are optional extras on the DC4sx, are supplied with the DC4 as standard.


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    RIP Colour Control Print & Cut Edition (Win)
    Power Take Up Rollers Option* Included
    Dual Basket Option Included
    Internal Hard Disk Option Included
    Quick Load Ribbon Cassettes 5 Pcs 8 Pcs
    Optiprint Vinyl Cleaning Roller Included Included
    Media Core Holders 2 Pcs 4 Pcs
    D Series Blade Holder 1 Pc 1 Pc
    Summa Printer Control Included Included
    Operation Manual Included Included
    Ribbons 1 set CMY 1 set CYMK
    Roll of 3M® Premium Vinyl (45.7m) Not Included Included
    Optiprint Roller Refill 1 1
    Standard Drag Knives 2 2
    * Only available as a factory installed option
  • ModelDC4sxDC4
    Media Width
    61 and 76 cm
    61, 76 and 137 cm
    Max. Image Width
    67 cm
    127.5 cm
    Print Type
    Thermal Transfer
    Max 24 x 12 DPMM (609 x 304 dpi)
    Ink Type

    Resin Ribbons : In Process or Spot Colours ;
    Metallic Ribbons : Gold, Silver, Blue & Red (Indoor Use)
    Protective Transparent Ribbon : Scratchguard

    Print Speed

    Standard Mode : 8.7 M²/Hour - Spot / 3.2 M²/Hour - Process CMY
    High Resolution : 6.2 M²/Hour - Spot / 2.3 M²/Hour - Process CMY
    Double Density : 5.4 M²/Hour - Spot / 2.0 M²/Hour - Process CMY

    Cut Type
    Drag Knife
    Cut Speed
    600 mm/sec Axial
    Media Tracking
    Microsprocket™ with Optitrack™

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