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  • Productivity
    Express Mode: 46 m²/h 500 sqf/h
    Fastest printing mode for draft & layout jobs.
    Production Mode: 28 m²/h 305 sqf/h
    High productivity at an acceptable quality level.
    Poster Mod:e 14 m²/h 150 sqf/h
    Best balance between speed & quality.
    High Quality Poster Mode 7 m²/h 75 sqf/h
    For that extra bit of quality.
    3720 (w) x 1600 (h) x 1540 (D) mm
    1300 Kg
    Europe: 380V - 415 V 3-phase star connection with
    Neutral wire (3x 30A*)
    US: 208V - 240V 3-phase delta connection without
    Neutral wire (3x 30A*)
    UV Curing
    Lamps are gradually controlled in steps of 10%
    Use of IR reflecting glasses to limit the heat radiation
    of the lamps & the deformation of the substrates
    Ethernet / connectors: RJ45 UTP, 1GBaseT
    System Integration
    Wasatch SoftRIP Agfa Edition
    Ready to use : Anapurna M1600 media/ink profiles available.
    • Perfect fit for Digital Printers, Poster printers and Mid-Size Graphic Screen printers
    • Heavy-duty, turnkey and complete industrial UV inkjet system
    • Excellent solids and signs in 8 pass printing
    • Quality & creativity enhancement through spot and or overall white in pre- or post printing
    • Robustly Engineered – Professional – Hybrid UV Wide Format Printer
    • Includes all necessary components like the vacuum ring-blower, shuttle safety sensors, ionizer bars, media transport and roll up systems for guaranteed peak production
    • Reinforced beam Automated
    • Media Positioning bar - registration of rigids
    • Divided vacuum table, 2 parts
    • 1,5kW ring blower for strong vacuum situated in the engine for less noise
    • Accurate Media transport/feed Powerfull fastcan motor
    • Automatic control of vacuum strength (inverter based)
    • Ionizer bars are on the shuttle
    • Shuttle safety sensors on each side of the carriage
    • Extended basic frame, to support ring blower
    • Black coloured media transport belt
    • Network connection
    • IR reflecting glasses: less heat generating towards media
    • Up to 158 cm media width
    • Up to 156 cm print width
    • Borderless printing Up to 152 cm media width
    • Multiple board printing Min.size: A3, landscape
    • Media thickness up to 45 mm
    • Media weight up to 10kg/m²
    • Two rigid tables (rear & front)
    • + 2 media extension tables (max. length 3.2 m)
    • Roll-to-Roll: Max. roll weight: 50 kg Max. roll diameter: 36 cm
    • Capable of reproducing ISO 12647 in 8 pass and 4 pass DS (double strike)
    • Text Quality - Positive: 4 point Negative: 6 point
    • 2 pass bi-directional/single strike : express mode. Draft prints, line-art or text applications. 2 pass bi-directional/double strike : production mode.
    • 4 pass uni-directional single strike or bi-directional double strike: poster quality mode for images and text. No imaging artifacts visible at 1.5m viewing distance
    • 8 pass uni-directional: High quality poster mode for vector, signs, solids, images and text 
    • Uniform gloss
    • Borderless and dual board printing
    • 5 :Anapurna UV curable inks (CMYK + white) + cleaning solution